Craig Block – CEO & President

Craig Block got his start in liquor licensing over 35 years ago. Since that time, he has built the path upon which the industry has followed. Craig built from the ground up, with the hope of easing the licensing process for his clients. Craig launched in 2017 with the intention of providing clients access to his innate knowledge of licensing laws across the nation to the legal cannabis industry.

Cindy Block – Vice President

Cindy has worked in the licensing industry for more than 20 years. At, Cindy and her team specializes in soup to nuts project management. Cindy’s team deals primarily with large corporate clients who need help with not only licensing, but also project management from A to Z. At Cindy helps clients with health and safety permitting and conditional use permitting while also managing the team.

Sam Block – Managing Director

Sam Block is a managing director at A graduate of The Marshall School of Business at University of Southern California, Sam works to strengthen the operations of Previously Sam worked for the financial services firm Wilshire Associates managing operations for their mutual fund and hedge fund platforms.

Sergio Ingstrom – Senior Consultant

Sergio has worked on over 40 applications for cannabis businesses in California and has extensive experience working with major cannabis companies. Sergio specializes in lobbying and governmental relations and often speaks at City Council meetings on behalf of his clients. Through his experiences, Sergio has helped businesses find licensing agreements in other states, acquire multiple licensing across various municipalities, and act as a liaison between businesses and regulatory boards. As such, Sergio has gained a reputation for creative, efficient, and quick solutions to licensing while also keeping close relations with government officials. Sergio is a graduate of Phillips Exeter, Columbia, and the University of Cambridge in the UK. He is fluent in English, Spanish, French, and Japanese.

Amber Norwood J.D. – Compliance Consultant

Amber Norwood joined the CCC team as a Compliance Consultant. In this role, Ms. Norwood oversees regulatory compliance, licensing and project management. Having won over 18 licenses for clients in California, she specializes in writing Standard Operating Procedures ranging from Cultivation SOPs, Manufacturing SOPs, Distribution SOPs, Retail/Dispensary SOPs, Delivery SOPs, Security Plans, Waste/Pest Management Plans, Neighborhood Compatibility, Inventory Procedures and Staffing Plans. Amber has worked with some of the leading cannabis brand cultivators, manufacturers and retail/dispensaries in California. Her licensing/application expertise is unmatched. Located in the heart of the “Green Rush” Los Angeles, California she has a pulse on what is happening in the industry before it makes headlines. In addition to application writing, Amber also provides consulting, documentation, and business strategy services to clients pursuing entry into the business in California.

Rob Mankowitz – Cannabis Licensing Consultant

Rob’s personal experience with the medical wonders of CBD on family and friends propelled him into the distinct world of cannabis business licensing. He is a passionate advocate for continued access to alternative wellness solutions with no side effects. A relentless researcher, he prides himself in tapping into the pulse of the regulatory market, acquiring the most up-to-date information to assist clients in navigating the complex and everchanging landscape to ensure licensure approval. His great strength lies in his ability to connect with clients, truly personalizing the consulting process from start to finish. Rob is respected for his ability to learn quickly, think creatively, and roll with whatever the regulatory boards throw at him. He actively attends City Council meetings, County Board of Supervisor meetings, and other such important meetings. Originally from Connecticut, Rob has spent the last 20 years in Los Angeles and considers himself an Angeleno but remains a loyal Yankees fan. He’s a proud graduate of Emerson College. Go Lions!

Eli Jacober – Broker / Consultant

Eli has an operations and logistics management background that he uses to help with both the sales and processing departments. He is especially fond of complex ownership structures and enjoys dissecting operating agreements, corporate minutes and management agreements as often as possible. Eli also enjoys visiting client locations and experiencing the diverse array of establishments firsthand.

Kevin Chen – Marketing

Kevin, a graduate from the University of California, Riverside, provides vital support to’s operations, sales outreach, and digital marketing efforts. Prior to joining, Kevin worked to provide affordable housing to families and seniors at National Community Renaissance. His background in public policy gives him a unique perspective on the interactions between businesses and government.