Inaugural Cannabis Regulations Commissions – Phase 2 Start Date!

The room was packed early as crowds formed outside of City Hall, awaiting the announcement from the Department of Cannabis Regulation. “This is an historical moment,” Cat Packer stated, emphasizing how long it took the City to reverse decades of … Continue reading

SB-311 Success – What this means for Distributors

SB-311 was a bill sponsored by the California Distribution Association ( in support of small businesses to open up and create better access of cannabis products and product flow across the state. Put on the floor on the 26th, the … Continue reading

Senate Bills 1302 & Delivery Licenses and How they Work

Many people are surprised by several things regarding delivery licenses. First, it still baffles me that people do not understand they need to obtain a properly zoned property. This is the first step. “But I’m not doing a store! I’m … Continue reading

Update & Recap from Today’s Special Rules Committee Meeting

If you were hoping to go into the Social Equity Program for Phase 2 of Los Angeles licensing, then I say wait until Phase 3 and apply as a general applicant. Today’s meeting at City Hall was exactly what was … Continue reading

Interview with California Department of Public Health for Cannabis Manufacturing Guidelines

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with Tedd Yargeau, Regional Chief of CDPH for LA, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Bernardino Counties. As you may know, CDPH is in charge of all manufactured cannabis products. Knowing that the regulations are … Continue reading

California Cannabis Prices – Up & Down

July 1st is the date in which all licensed operators must abide by the rules set forward by the Bureau of Cannabis Control. As such, many retailers, cultivators, and manufacturers have stockpiles of what will soon be deemed “non-compliant” product. … Continue reading

Fireside Chat with Cat Packer and Lori Ajax Recap

There were several issues floating around the room as Cat Packer, head of the DCR, and Lori Ajax, chief of the BCC, took the stage to speak at an event hosted by grassposts last night. First, there’s the issue of … Continue reading

What Documents do I need for a Cannabis License?

One of the biggest hurdles in obtaining a cannabis license is finding a compliant property. Assuming you’ve been lucky enough to find one, what are the next steps and what exactly do you need? Many people assume that filing for … Continue reading

Cities opening for Cannabis Retail and Delivery Licenses near You!

In this email, you will find cities that are opening for retail and delivery licenses below along with some details on the application process. It’s been rough for storefront and delivery businesses in Southern California as there is a dearth … Continue reading

Los Angeles & San Francisco Social Equity – Cracks and Lessons

I’ve been struggling these last few months to connect Social Equity Applications with Incubators in both San Francisco and Los Angeles. Before going into that, it is important to mention that the War on Drugs was a policy enacted by … Continue reading