Phase 2 Begins August 1st, Early-Bird Special for Phase 1 and 2

Yesterday, at City Council, the Cannabis Regulation Committee announced that by July 18th they will try to publish a guide on how Phase 2 licensing will work. Moreover, Phase 1 will have their temp licenses expanded until the end of the fiscal year. That being said, in the Fall is when Phase 1 will have to submit the full license application to the Department of Cannabis Regulation in order to get a permanent license. Thus, it is imperative to begin putting together the full application for both the City and the State.

Once Phase 1 has submitted their full application, they must have public meetings where comments will be heard. This is a time consuming process that the DCR hopes to finish by the end of 2018. Therefore, we have some idea of what the procedure will be like. Phase 2 will begin accepting preliminary applications to give out temporary permits. My prediction is that by Winter 2018, Phase 2 applicants will begin the process for permanent licensing. Thus, it behooves us to ask whether Phase 3 will even come in 2018… perhaps we will have to wait until well into 2019 before Phase 3 opens. Let me break it down like this…

March 2018 – Phase 1 began for Temp Licenses
July 2018 – Phase 1 concludes for Temp Licenses
August 2018 – Phase 2 begins for Temp Licenses
November 2018 – Phase 2 concludes for Temp Licenses
November 2018 – Phase 1 begins for Permanent Licensing
January 2019 – Phase 1 concludes for Permanent Licensing

It is unknown if Phase 2 permanent licensing or Phase 3 will begin alongside any of these. Given that the DCR has five commissioners and about twenty other employees, it seems doubtful they’ll be able to get through much of the processing needed within this theoretical timeline AND also open up for Phase 3.

Given that Phase 2 is around the corner, we are offering a special to those who are in Phase 1 and need a full application prepared and those who plan on entering to Phase 2. Since there is ample time to put together applications, it will benefit both parties to get started early. Therefore, we will be giving major discounts contingent on the amount of work needed to complete each of the applications for Phase 1 permanent licensing and Phase 2 temp licensing to begin in a month. Grab your spot now to ensure that your application is first and ready.

Remember, at the meeting Cat Packer said that Los Angeles licensing is primarily “first come first serve.” That means, if you don’t have your application ready by August 1st, you lose your spot in line. Contact us now to start putting together your application.

Sergio Ingstrom
Senior Consultant