Prior to launching Cannabislicense.com, its founders, partners, and principals managed the alcohol beverage licensing process for businesses throughout the country for more than 35 years. With commercial cannabis on track to become one of the most heavily regulated industries in the country, we wanted to bring our proven track record and expertise to our friends in the cannabis space.

We know that from state to state, many industry veterans from your largest brand names to your small local cultivator have struggled with the regulatory burdens placed on this expanding industry. Many have been forced into the shadows as a result of the challenges that came with compliance. Given our years of experience, Cannabislicense.com can help everyone come out of the shadows and into the light to truly reap the benefits of their years of dedication to a product and industry they care for deeply. Cannabislicense.com would love the opportunity to handle all of your licensing needs so that you can operate with ease and grow your company in the legal market.

Why Cannabislicense.com?

Our team provides clients with expertise only obtainable through extended exposure to the licensing process and various regulatory agencies. Over the last 35 years we’ve formed relationships with regulatory leaders in every state through our alcohol licensing company.

Many of those leaders are now working for and leading the new cannabis agencies, which is why we’re uniquely positioned to help you cut through the proverbial “red tape.”

At Cannabislicense.com we recognize that acquiring and maintaining a commercial cannabis license is an onerous and tedious undertaking in many, if not all, areas.

The lack of process clarity in cannabis licensing—especially in areas slated for transition in the coming months—is a large part of why we’ve entered the cannabis licensing space. We know that our team of experts and our successful track record can bring significant relief to the businesses and regulators alike, ensuring that the industry will be up, running and compliant more quickly than some might think.

For anyone in the Cannabis space, acquiring one of the many different cannabis licenses is vital to their core operation. For this reason, cannabis licenses must be protected at all costs. The team at Cannabislicense.com is sensitive and in tune with all of the needs of our clients. Your success is our success. We strive to provide our clients with the most comprehensive set of services available anywhere in the Cannabis industry with the expectation that we can effectuate the difficult tasks required to operate your business in compliance with the changing regulatory parameters.