SERVICES offers clients access to a range of licensing services as well as a number of ancillary services. Recognizing the ability for cannabis companies to be completely vertically integrated, is prepared to assist with every aspect in the licensure process from drawing up plans to vetting owners and investors to filing and tracking the applications to managing the CUP process. Our experience and large knowledgeable team allow us the ability to assist those in the cannabis industry regardless of size. Regardless of license type needed or complexity, is able to service all of your needs giving you the best chance for success in the newly regulated cannabis space.

Each of the services provided by has its own team of dedicated professionals, who are each among the most talented in their field. When working with clients will have access to each team throughout the process. services have been built to offer clients peace of mind. Our services all follow time-tested processes learned through our 35+ years processing Government Licenses, which is why we’re uniquely positioned to manage this important process for your company.

  • Apply for a Cannabis License (State and local)
  • Buy or Sell a Cannabis License
  • Land Use/Entitlements
  • Social Equity Applicants (CA)
  • Pre ICO Applicant Filing (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Consulting
  • Escrow
  • Qualification of ownership entities
  • Strategic planning for successful application
  • Develop lasting personal relationship with each client

Cannabis Consulting utilizes its understanding of the licensing process and established relationships within regulatory agencies to ensure a successful and trustworthy application process.